Which Is An Ideal Diet For a Sports Person?

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Sports is very demanding on the body. A wicketkeeper in Cricket does a minimum of 540 squats in a single day of a test match, Tennis involves the repetitive movement of wrists; Golf requires a lot of bending & lifting and during intense training sessions body’s muscle work rate can increase more than 25 times. An athlete’s body is a machine and… Read more »


Morning habits that would help you to shed those extra flabs

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Whatever be your weight loss goals are, shedding those extra pounds of flabs could pose to be a difficult task at certain times. But even shedding a few pounds of weight does not mean that you need to overhaul a complete makeover of your lifestyle and diet. To make a few changes to your diet, would help you lose weight… Read more »


7 ways to Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk 

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7 ways to Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk by qua nutrition

Alzheimer’s is among the many diseases most people want to avoid, and for good reasons. Nonetheless, the statistics of people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is staggering. According to Alzheimer’s Disease International, about 44 million individuals globally are living with Alzheimer’s or an associated form of dementia. We will be discussing some 7 ways to Lower Your Alzheimer’s Risk and get… Read more »


What is the best diet for controlling inflammation?

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Do you know all about Inflammation? Inflammation is a defense mechanism in the body. When something harmful or irritating affects a part of the body, the immune system recognizes the damaged cells, irritants, pathogens, etc and initiate the healing or corrective process. Thus, diet for controlling inflammation is important.   In the absence of inflammation the wound, the damaged tissue… Read more »


How to cure fatty liver: Foods to Eat and Avoid

How to cure fatty liver: Foods to Eat and Avoid by best dietitian in delhi

Hepatic Steatosis commonly known as the fatty liver is a condition when fats build up in the liver. The excessive fat in the liver causes liver inflammation which interferes with its normal functioning. Types: Steatosis is of two types: Alcoholic fatty liver disease (AFLD) & Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Non- alcoholic steatohepatitis, is a potentially serious form of the… Read more »


How to Set Exercise Goals Based on Fitness Objectives

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Fitness is important. That is a given. However, very few people know how important it is to have fitness GOALS. Fitness goals are important because of several reasons. They encourage us to push ourselves. They help expand the boundaries of our physical limitations. They also help us hold ourselves accountable for our lifestyles. The tricky bit comes when you want… Read more »


Foods to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet

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Foods to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet by best nutritionist in mumbai Qua Nutrition

The keto diet is gaining more popularity now more than ever as one of the main diets that people are using when it comes to various avenues of diets. From losing weight, to gaining health benefits, and even increasing stamina, endurance, improve mental clarity, and so much more, the keto diet is showing to be a beneficial route that many… Read more »


Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Essential Tips for Athletes by the Best nutritionist in Mumbai

An athlete must eat organic and different varieties of food & should not keep on the same thing everytime like you should double up your zinc and Vitamin D intake during winter as you don’t get a lot of sunlight during winters. Foods like beetroot can enhance your endurance, stamina. It also increases the oxygen levels in red blood cells…. Read more »


What Are The Health Benefits of Roses?

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how to fight depression and migraine by best nutritionist in delhi

Well some of us are unaware of the health benefits of roses! Yes roses, they help in fighting migraine and depression plus have many more health benefits. Shakespeare said, “A rose by some other name would smell as sweet.” The fragrant and botanical aroma of rose rises above words. Roses, or the subsequent rose water (also called a rose hydrosol)… Read more »


CBD + Coffee: Will It Be Effective For Me?

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It’s a well-known fact; a lot of Americans drink coffee. An expected 64% of Americans start their morning with coffee. While did you know the combination CBD with coffee, it can help to improve brain health and boost your mood, as well as reduce anxiety? Coffee with CBD makes a nourishing powerhouse, as both CBD and espresso have stunning medical… Read more »