Foods that Boost Immune System for Cancer Patient

Food represents not only a source of nutrients for body growth and for the maintenance of essential functions but also includes dietary components that behave as antigens. prebiotics, A diet rich in antioxidants, fibres, and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, should decrease cancer incidence and mortality. Several observational studies have provided scientific evidence that diets rich in fruit, vegetables, legumes,… Read more »


Eid 2022: Here’s how you can get back to a normal diet after Ramadan

After Ramadan’s 30 days of fasting, Eid Al Fitr celebrations bring families and friends together for spectacular food feasts. This event is celebrated around the world with much fanfare and gusto, with a variety of delectable dishes spread out for a feast. It’s natural to want to indulge in some tasty delicacies after a month of fasting. Keeping in mind what… Read more »


The Anti-cancer Diet: 8 Foods That Prevent Cancer

Everyone wishes to be disease-free and healthy. When it comes to cancer, who doesn’t want to eat foods that help us prevent the occurrence of the disease in the first place? According to research and studies, many foods have been scientifically demonstrated to aid in the prevention of this ailment when incorporated into the diet. It is not guaranteed to… Read more »


Foods that combat Cancer treatment side effects

Food and beverage intake, as well as weight status, can integrate with cancer treatment to mitigate treatment-related toxicities, support treatment success, and prevent a recurrence. Despite great advances in treatment, cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide. Diet can greatly impact health, while caloric restriction and fasting have putative benefits for disease prevention and longevity. Cancer treatment also influenced… Read more »


Top 10 Things You Can Do To Prevent Cancer

Cancer is defined as an abnormal proliferation of bodily cells. Each of us is born with the ability to develop cancer. Cancer, on the other hand, does not have a single cause. According to research that develops the chance of having cancer, what you eat—and don’t eat—can have a profound effect on your health. Thus cancer can be prevented naturally…. Read more »


Home Remedies For Cholesterol Control: 10 Foods For Maintaining Cholesterol Levels

home remedies to control cholesterol

Cholesterol is a fat found in the body that aids in the normal functioning of your cells. There is both bad and good cholesterol in everyone’s body. The body requires good cholesterol to function properly and create vitamins. Large amounts of bad cholesterol accumulation in the body can cause early heart problems and make you fatigued by limiting blood flow… Read more »


Nutrition guideline to enjoy Easter while managing weight

On Easter Day, no one is going to deprive me of chocolate – after all, that is what Easter is all about….. When you think of Easter, what comes to mind? Would it be a lunch of ham, buns, mashed potatoes, salads, and desserts, as well as an Easter basket full of high-calorie treats? But, in today’s society, chocolate and… Read more »


How to Lower Heart Rate Immediately & Improve Heart Health

how to lower heart rate immediately

Your heart rate provides an indication of your general health and aids in the detection of any health issues. Your heart may seem to beat like a clock, but the rate at which it does so varies throughout the day. When you work out or are frightened, it moves faster. When you’re relaxed or sitting motionless, it slows slowly. But… Read more »


Is Watermelon Good for Diabetes | Know How It Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Is watermelon good for diabetes

Is Watermelon Good for Diabetes? We will have a look at this article Watermelon is a popular summertime fruit. Because of its high water content and sweet taste due to natural sugars, many prefer to include Watermelon as a healthy snack in their diet. However, people with diabetes must be cautious about their food choices and quantity of consumption to… Read more »


Is Banana Good For Diabetes | Know How It Affects Blood Sugar Levels

Is banana good for diabetes

The contents of each meal must be carefully considered by a diabetic. While fruits and vegetables provide a variety of critical nutrients, some of them might cause blood sugar to increase. But the main question is “Is Banana Good for Diabetes?” Banana is a fruit that is commonly eaten as part of breakfast. It has a sweet taste and contains both… Read more »