Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Essential Tips for Athletes by the Best nutritionist in Mumbai

An athlete must eat organic and different varieties of food & should not keep on the same thing everytime like you should double up your zinc and Vitamin D intake during winter as you don’t get a lot of sunlight during winters. Foods like beetroot can enhance your endurance, stamina. It also increases the oxygen levels in red blood cells…. Read more »


What Are The Health Benefits of Roses?

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how to fight depression and migraine by best nutritionist in delhi

Well some of us are unaware of the health benefits of roses! Yes roses, they help in fighting migraine and depression plus have many more health benefits. Shakespeare said, “A rose by some other name would smell as sweet.” The fragrant and botanical aroma of rose rises above words. Roses, or the subsequent rose water (also called a rose hydrosol)… Read more »


CBD + Coffee: Will It Be Effective For Me?

Best Nutritionist in Mumbai

It’s a well-known fact; a lot of Americans drink coffee. An expected 64% of Americans start their morning with coffee. While did you know the combination CBD with coffee, it can help to improve brain health and boost your mood, as well as reduce anxiety? Coffee with CBD makes a nourishing powerhouse, as both CBD and espresso have stunning medical… Read more »


7 Best Gluten Free Snacks Ideas For Kids

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Best Gluten Free Snacks Ideas For Kids

Best Gluten Free Snacks Ideas For Kids are chosen by the best dietitian in India. Sweet potato chaat Jowar Ragi and Date porridge Savory Muffins Chana Dal Pancake Cabbage Jowar Muthias Chatpata Rice Rajmah Wrap Rice Flakes Fritters CHICKPEA AND SWEET POTATO CHAAT Preparation Time: 40 minutes                    Serving size -2   … Read more »


Nutrition for cholesterol Management

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Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Cholesterol is associated mostly with a negative connotation, but there are both good and bad types of cholesterol in our body. It is found in every cell of the body and has essential functions like digesting foods, generating vitamin D, etc. However, high level of cholesterol in the body is a significant risk factor for heart diseases as it narrows… Read more »


Diet tips to be followed by Football players

diet plan for football player

Football is a sport that needs a mixture of speed, agility, and endurance. A footballer should have correct nutrition on a day to day to remain energized and powerful. Following are few things they need to work on: Carbohydrates:  Carbohydrates square measure an important supply of energy for his or her body. Some sources of carbohydrates are healthier than others. For example,… Read more »



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diet plan after 50

On average the women experience menopause around 40 to 58 years of age. Generally, irregular periods accompanied with hot flashes, night sweats, dryness in vagina, pain during intercourse, chills, sleep disturbances, mood swings, increased weight, slow metabolism, fatigue, depression, irritability, thinning hairs, dry skin, loss of skin firmness, etc. mark this phase. Correct nutrition can help in managing and reducing… Read more »


Successful Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men

weight loss for men

Men face a challenge when they try to lose their overweight and the main challenge is meal size. In many restaurants, other social sites and guys are encouraged to eat hearty foods. Big bodies and big meals are often celebrated in television shows and men’s magazines.  However, men’s bodies are highly susceptible to get weight owing to lifestyle. Weight loss… Read more »


Want to lose weight? Change your attitude towards food

Diet for weight loss

The process of losing weight and a healthy lifestyle begins in our head. Changing from within, you change your life beyond recognition. These words are not taken from the ceiling. I tell you, I, a man who, like anything, ate, sat on diets, did not like the gym, liked to drink with friends during the holidays and on weekends. This tells you an inveterate… Read more »


Why Obesity among Children is a Big Health Risk?

Obesity among Children

Be it, kids or adults, obesity can cause many other problems, some of which can prove to be fatal for health as well. Therefore, parents should not encourage unhealthy eating habits among children. If you do not see it today, obesity will one day take a toll on your child’s health at some point in time. So play it safe. Modern… Read more »