10 Reasons to Consult a Certified Nutritionist

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                                10 Reasons to Consult a Certified Nutritionist

We all are aware of the well-established fact that our diet plays a vital role in shaping our health. However, amidst all the conflicting information about food choices available on television, internet and magazines, deciding on what to eat and what not to can seem like a complex task.

10 Reasons to Consult a Certified Nutritionist: Qua Nutrition

10 Reasons to Consult a Certified Nutritionist: Qua Nutrition

But it doesn’t have to be. You can partner with a certified nutritionist to help you chalk out eating plans and strategies that would be conducive to your health conditions. Here are a number of reasons to consult a nutritionist which would further aid in bringing about positive lifestyle changes.




  • Understanding of individual body constitution

One diet plan cannot be suited for everyone because we all have different eating habits, medical background and fitness levels. This accounts for a need of customized diet plans as per one’s respective body constitution by an expert for which a certified nutritionist would be the best choice.


  • To overcome binge-eating or emotional-eating

One of the main reasons of overeating or binging is an incorrect balance of macronutrients in your food choices. A nutritionist can help you in avoiding overconsumption of food by creating a meal plan that’s wholesome and has adequate balance of carbohydrates, proteins and fat that helps you in feeling fuller and less ravenous.

Nutritionists are also trained to deduce when someone needs to consult a mental health practitioner for their food issues and thus can point you in the right direction of a therapist or psychiatrist if they feel you need it.

  • When you want to lose or gain weight

A nutritionist can assist you in losing weight by chalking out a restricted-calorie eating plan without any side effects along with some physical activity; or in gaining weight in a healthy way by inculcating sources of additional calories in your diet plan. They are experts in body weight management and can help you in setting and achieving your ideal weight goals as per your health conditions.


  • To boost your performance in sports

Whether it is athletics, body building or any other physical activity, making informed decisions about your nutrition and hydration plays an important role in optimizing performance, injury prevention and quick recovery. A comprehensive diet plan that includes essential vitamins minerals and supplements as well as some additional tips by a nutritionist can support your sporting goals and be your key to success.


  • Guidance for fertility and healthy pregnancy

Diet and lifestyle can account for as much as 50 percent of infertility, says Jorge Chavarro, M.D., an associate professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. A nutritionist can help boost your likelihood to get pregnant by working on your diet plan as they are well acquainted with the must know factors when it comes to pregnancy food.

While expecting, your nutritionist can ensure that you and your little one are getting all the essential nutrients and shall modify your diet plans during each trimester to suit the body’s health conditions and requirements.


  • To prevent stress fractures

The occurrence of this is more common than you think. According to the best nutritionist in Hyderabad, what you consume as food has a great impact on how quick you’ll recover from or be able to prevent it. A nutritionist can suggest dietary practices and create a meal plan with nutrients that are essential for bone health like calcium, vitamin D along with healthy fats to decrease inflammation in the body caused by intense physical activity.

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  • Combating diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic diseases

A nutritionist has a deep understanding of different combinations of foods and how they can be used to battle different health issues. He or she can work closely with your doctor and fine-tune your diet so as to include all the vital nutrients required to manage and improve your condition.


  • Taking care of aging parents

A nutritionist can help with food and drug interactions, proper hydration, special diets for hypertension and changing taste buds as one ages. As one gets older, their resting metabolic rate declines which can increase the risk of certain diseases. To help lessen this effect, a nutritionist can improve the quality of one’s diet by including whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and nonfat or low-fat dairy so that one can enjoy their favorite foods in moderation while managing their caloric intake.


  • When you are prone to digestive problems

Guidance from a nutritionist can help you make healthy choices and steer clear of Keto Food in Montreal or foods such as fried foods, caffeinated and carbonated drinks, etc.  that may aggravate your condition, thus improving the day-to-day life of a person suffering from digestive problems.


  • To cook and eat smarter

A nutritionist can teach you how to plan and prepare meals in a simple, healthful, inexpensive and convenient way. He or she can help you in sorting through misleading information, tell you how to eat out without ruining your diet plan and how to resist workplace temptations.

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