glass of beetroot juice taken 2 to 3 hours before practice regularly can boost endurance by up to19%?

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Nutrition fact

Nutrition fact – Did you know that a glass of beetroot juice taken 2 to 3 hours before practice regularly can boost endurance by up to19%?

Most athletes remain unaware of the best foods they can take to fuel themselves precisely for their sport. In an extremely demanding sport like Cricket, players need to remain in their top form for long durations. Flawed preconceptions about Nutrition for Sports persons can put a serious damper on their performance. The science of Sports Nutrition puts them on the right track to success by filling up the gaps with a scientifically structured and customised Nutrition Plan.

Ryan Fernando, Star Nutrition Coach to a number of elite athletes across the country has a dream of creating better sportspersons. As part of this endeavour, he prefers to interact with players and their families personally through seminars and presentations.

QUA NUTRITION conducted a seminar at the prestigious Karnataka Institute of Cricket (KIOC) in Bangalore on April 24, 2016. Like every other seminar conducted by Mr. Ryan it was highly acclaimed by athletes and parents alike. To gain insights into the field of Sports Nutrition and to know the importance of a dedicated sports nutritionist for a future champion, we at QUA NUTRITION always encourage players to attend these seminars with their families.

Watch the following video on Nutrition Tips for Cricketers to know ways of complementing your training with the right Nutrition-

For parts 2 and 3 of the video, click on the following links-

From an eye-opening equation between the trio of performance-growth-nutrition to the importance of a properly structured (and colorful) diet, Mr. Ryan conveyed enough useful information to get the audience’s brain cells fired up and make the RIGHT call of working with Qua Nutrition.

All attendees get free body assessment coupons which can be used to get an appointment to talk to our nutritionists directly. Use the opportunity to interact with Mr. Ryan and get your nagging but crucial doubts cleared.

Call us at 9743430000 or mail us at Arrange a seminar at your academy and allow our team to transform the journey of your star athletes.

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