5 reasons why you do not lose weight even on a calorie deficit

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Our body knows how to maintain weight and enjoys when we get fat. And vice versa – he does not like to get rid of valuable reserves of fat. Here are 5 reasons why we are not losing weight even on a deficit.

1.   You compare yourself with others

One friend lost weight – what is his diet? Relieved another – what is his program?

I cannot forbid you to look at others and envy (we all do this), but understand the important thing: the more often you try the diets and programs of others, the less often you will achieve success yourself. They may have completely different conditions, for example, genetics are better, or they use illegal drugs, or they have been training daily for the past 20 years.

Solution: Look for information and ask questions. Do not be afraid to try new things, but when you choose one thing, devote enough time to it. 

2. Health Issues

A lot of things can affect your weight, such as hypothyroidism, polycystic disease, or menopause. From certain medications (such as antidepressants or oral contraceptives) you can even get fat.

Solution: if you strictly follow a diet and train hard, but the weight does not change, then go to the doctor and check your health.

As for drugs and weight gain:

  • Check with your doctor if alternatives exist. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
  • If not, then accept the need to be treated with the same drugs. Work on what you can control.

3. You are losing weight incorrectly

We must not get rid of WEIGHT but from FAT. These are different things. Let’s learn how to lose weight in a week. Left – weight loss, right – fat loss:

In addition to fat, our body has many useful things: the skeleton, muscles, organs, water, etc. All this adds up to the total mass. Losing weight is easy: eliminate carbohydrates … what’s there – stop eating! You will definitely lose weight. And then, probably, you will die.

Losing fat is a more complicated process, in which you get rid of excess reserves, but maintain a healthy mass.

Here are the key points:

  • Consume enough protein
  • Keep training with weights
  • Keep a reasonable calorie deficit

4. You are gaining muscle

If the weight does not decrease and even grows (and calories are under control), then, most likely, you begin to gain a dry mass.

Solution: it seems like I already said this, but I repeat: the numbers on the scales are not everything. Volume measurements and photographs (and working weights in the gym) will tell you a lot more about your fitness.

Volumes:  if your arms, chest and quadriceps increase, and the waist decreases, then congratulations, you have added muscle.

Photo: Looking bigger than before? Drawn lines on the body, which had not been seen before? Congratulations, you have gained muscle.

Strength:  if the power didn’t fall on the deficit (or even slightly increased), then congratulations, you have added muscle.

5. You need to STOP dieting

Have a chronic diet? Well, you know: one week is mass-gain; the other is drying, and so on:

If you, getting down from one diet, start the next one in a week, this will not improve either your health or your figure. But here is what this will lead to:

  • Loss of muscle mass: the longer you sit on a calorie deficit, the more muscle you lose. That is why I recommend a phase diet with periods of maintenance calorie or even a slight surplus.
  • Eating disorders: living on a limited calorie is possible, but not too long. When you sort through with duration, deviations can develop: disruptions, guilt over disruptions, new starvation – and everything is spiraling, worsening and worsening.
  • Zero result: if you do the above, then just waste time and do nothing.

Solution: if you find yourself in the description of the last paragraph, then it’s time to give up diets for a while.

Raise your calorie to a support level and focus on training, restoring the psyche. During this period, you may add some fat, but you need to recover to achieve the goal in the future.

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