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Best tips to gain weight

We have been reading about how actors in their quest to gain weight for any particular role changed their diet. We think they all have the gala time while putting on weight as they can an opportunity to gorge into literally any food which they wish to eat. But this is not the ideal way to gain weight as it can lead to medical implications. There is a whole science behind weight gain process and should be followed.

1)      Portion Control

You don’t have to eat food in large quantities in order to gain weight. Calorie dense meals would ensure that your body gets necessary required nutrients in a small serving. Nuts & dried fruits offer high calories in small quantity. Protein also offers excess calories to gain weight and an ideal portion is 1-2gm/kg of body weight. So if your weight is 10 Kgs, you should take 10-20gm of protein in consultation with your nutritionist.

2)      Frequent meals & Timings

Small frequent meals ensure optimal nutrient intake and provide a continuous source of energy to the body. In order to gain muscle tissues, consistency in meal timings is very important. A skip in a meal would deprive the body of necessary fuel, which it requires for its proper functioning which results in it utilizing the mass as a source of energy. A healthy snack before bedtime would enhance the process of tissue repair and regeneration.

3)      Scientific Approach

Weight gain needs to be done scientifically.  Do not eat everything and anything.  Unmindful eating leads to hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc. As per the best dietitian in India, a scientific approach includes a study of blood tests & genetic tests to check vitamins and minerals level and its effects on appetite, assess how the body is functioning, what are its nutritional requirements & deficiencies and how genes are responding to the food intake. The assessment is then incorporated with your training routine to give you a customized diet plan for healthy weight gain.

4)      Exercise

When an individual exercises in a right manner, the food that he/she eats gets utilized appropriately and converts into muscle mass that helps in building healthy and fit body. Consult your trainer to know the exercises that would enable you to achieve your goals.

5)      Consult an expert

Google help, self-help & unsolicited advice can damage your body and lead to medical conditions. For example, we blindly follow someone’s advice of taking supplements for weight gain. If not taken in right manner supplements can result in kidney failure. Stop treating yourself like a lab rat. Do you service your own car or mobile handset?  Or you seek an experts help to fix the machine? Human-machine is the most sophisticated machine on the planet earth and we understand the functioning of this machine.

Weight gain at QUA Nutrition is a scientific process which integrates data analytics into diet and training. Our team of expert nutritionists will design nutrition and supplement plan that will cater to your needs and help you gain those few kilos.

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