The Best Top 30 Foods For Runners

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The Best Top 30 Foods For Runners

The Best Top 30 Foods For Runners: Running will cause you to burn some extra calories. Check out the video by Ryan Fernando,celebrity Sports Nutritionist, to know the Best Top 30 Foods For Runners.

Log OFF. Shut down. GO RUN!!

For runnersfood does more than just squelch hunger. It also fuels your muscles and keeps you healthy. “Runners need quality foods that provide a ‘spark plug’ for their energy,” says Nancy Clark, RD, MS, and author of The Food Guide for Marathoners. These seven “elite” foods for runners will help you feel your best .

While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietician or if you need help, contact a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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