Can Weight Loss Happen Without Any Exercise?

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Can weight loss happen without any exercise?

We cannot ignore the fact that we all are having crazy schedules, deadlines, targets, etc to be met. Mostly by the end of the month we are drained off, losing all our energy & the focus. People are way ahead of this understanding – what a ‘DIET and EXERCISE’ can do & cannot.

One fine day, when you suddenly stand on the scale & come to know that you have screwed up very badly, that’s when you tend to realize the importance of exercise & eating habits. You start googling up for gyms (the best & cheap ones probably in the market).

Most people in Indian think that exercise is the only way to control your weight. People from long ago in villages, cities have been pushing people to go for gyming, walking, running. To some extent, even doctors suggest that exercise could be the only way.

Some people even start googling up, watching social media videos & probably start a workout regime.

Now, before you actually land into a Gym or start heavily exercising one important aspect is to understand that will weight loss really help you? The answer could be yes or could be no. What are your expectations before starting with the gym?

Well, exercise is very important for each and every one. Whether you take up the higher intensity, strength training, cardio, or maybe walking, jogging. Exercise has definitely proven to be beneficial for weight loss.
Exercise helps to release happy hormones in the body that may enhance mood.

A combination of 70% diet & 30% exercise can help you get the best results.

It enhances fat burning: Whatever you eat, carbs, fats proteins need to be converted into energy. When you exercise, your body utilizes carbohydrates as a source of energy primarily & then fats as a source of energy.
Exercise helps in the oxidation of fats. This is all because when you exercise the VO2 max is increased means overall oxygen update would be higher. But this could be disrupted if the overall carbohydrate intake is on the higher side. The body will still utilize the carb sources & the fat oxidation process kind of delays. A lot of people on fat diets or crash diets think that it is the only way to lose weight. A high-fat diet paired with exercise will only work if the rate at which the fat oxidation happens should be higher than the fat intake actually. If you look at people with sports exercise can help maintain your breathing, the amount of air your lungs can pull in (inhale & exhale).

It also heals a lot of medical disorders like diabetes, cholesterol. A lot of people with these issues start exercising, it improves insulin sensitivity, it also utilizes the fat molecules & channelizing them.
Exercise has also proven to improve mood. It releases hormones like serotonin which are mood stimulators.
Well speaking to trainers might help. A lot of diseases have been improved via following an exercise regime. These improvements happen due to improved blood circulation and an impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis.

The sharpness of the mind is controlled by BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). Scientific studies also suggest that it helps with boosting memory, overall productivity at work. People who are in stressful jobs can look to include at least 1 hour of daily exercise. It definitely helps with better skills & thinking ability.

But have you ever wondered that exercise is the only way for all kinds of solutions? Why can a person exercising vigorously still not see a change in weight, body composition? What could be the reason?

Well, you need to understand that exercise can help you with a portion of it to your ‘SUSTAINABLE’ weight loss journey. You need to know what you are losing in this whole process.

Diet is one of the most important aspects which should go hand in hand with exercise. To make your exercise most effective following a particular eating pattern is surely needed. We all know that we burn calories during heavy workouts or moderate exercises. And also it’s important to understand what exactly we are losing in the process? Muscles or fat? It could happen that you get exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD). A sustainable workout regime will be helpful if coupled with a diet & healthy eating pattern. It would help you with reducing muscle soreness, cramping, etc. Over time we have understood that calorie counting, portion control & the right type of combinations fastens up the process. Enjoy your workout meals to sustain more during workouts & not collapse.

As per the best nutritionist in India recovery becomes another important aspect as the muscles we have lost in the process, we need to gain back that. Generally, recovery helps to relieve the inner stress built in the body. Sleep helps a lot for better recovery.
Try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep. Try to take a day off from exercise & rest to sustain. Include recovery foods – antioxidants, arginine based. Stress releases cortisol which is a fat-loving hormone & over the course of time it would make you gain unnecessary weight instead of losing it.

Over-exercising could lead to adrenal fatigue. Improper sleep patterns could also cause an increase in the heart rate. A vigorous exercise done on a daily basis should burn about 700-800 calls per day should be compensated with a good amount of carbohydrate & protein combination.

Speak to your health practitioner so that she can help you with the same.

A customized nutrition plan should be focusing on your goals – like inch loss, fat loss, weight loss.

Apart from this, another important aspect is your genes (the genetic mechanism -DNA) states the best nutritionist in India. There are certain genes that are responsible for helping you with weight loss coupling up with exercises. Also, whether high-intensity exercises would really help you with weight loss or nor is determined by a gene test. It is likely that if any of your parents are overweight, there are high chances that you would have also got a similar genetic pattern. Then you would have to draw that fine line of eating according to your genes.

Exercise is good, but if done in the supervision of a trainer & a nutritionist the results would be more effective. Speak to a certified expert who can guide you with the same!

If eating is a social habit, then eat responsibly. ​


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