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7 Myths about Multi-Vitamins and Minerals Supplements

Supplements and vitamins are more popular than they’ve ever been. But are they everything they claim to be? In this article, we debunk a slew of supplement myths and mineral misperceptions. Supplements are a nutritional convenience for Nutritional indiscipline. Eat right and you should be able to get the most from natural foods. Eat wrong it’s best to consult a… Read more »


Healthy Foods to munch on while watching Sports

Top 10 Snacks for Athletes

Foods to munch on while watching Sports Ah, autumn! It’s that time of year when football fans congregate around the television to watch their favorite teams try to win (hopefully). It’s a time for getting together, going on emotional roller coasters, and, of course, eating! With football season just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what football… Read more »


How eating a Plant-based Diet can improve Metabolism & boost Immunity

5 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Facts

How eating a Plant-based Diet can improve Metabolism & boost Immunity   Many individuals have wondered if there are precautions they may take to be healthy as the coronavirus (COVID-19) has damaged communities throughout the world. COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, and infections can be prevented by taking precautions including wearing a mask, getting vaccinated, hand washing, avoiding ill people… Read more »


All About Summer Diet Fruit: Langsah/Lotka

Langsah/Lotka Lanzone fruit is a sweet, delicious, round to oval berry native to Malayan Peninsular tropical fruiting trees in the Mahogany family. Its refreshingly sweet and tangy flavor is appreciated by many fruit lovers in the South East Asian countries. Scientific name: Lansium domesticum Correa. It is chiefly grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei. Some of the common names are Duku,… Read more »


All About Summer Seasonal Fruit: Chalta (Elephant Apple)

Chalta Elephant Apple

Chalta (Elephant Apple) In India, chalta plants thrive in the swampy forests of the Himalayas, northeastern states of Assam and Meghalaya, as well as in the woodlands across the country. The fruit that is large, oblong and greenish-yellow in colour, develops in the autumn and winter seasons between October and February. Both the ripe and unripe fruits are used in… Read more »


Benefits of Famous Summer Diet “God’s fruit”: Jamun

Jambolan plum or jambhul or jamun fruit

Jamun Jamun is a very famous refreshing succulent fruit which anybody can taste during the summer season as it is easily available at this time in markets. The fruit is oblong which is purple. The Jamun fruit is not only known for its nutritional value but also it is a powerhouse of several health benefits. The Jamun tree grows in the… Read more »