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How Bad Diet is Ruining Your Health?

Bad nutrition the root cause of all gut aliments

From fast food to bagged food & especially sugary food has become processed. This means it has been manipulated in multiple ways. Processed food gives less nutrition with more calories and salts.  There’s a direct color correlation between the consumption of these types of foods and metabolic consequences which results in an increased level of insulin, increased blood pressure, symptoms… Read more »


7 Health Benefits of Berries to Include in Diet

Health Benefits of Berries Qua Nutrition

Berries are some of nature’s most powerful disease prevention foods. They are delicious, tiny & colorful and provide plenty of health benefits of berries.  Reasons why you should include berries in your diet for a healthier life: Eating berries can help manage Diabetes: Berries are some of the best food that a person with diabetes can eat.  Although berries are sweet… Read more »


Set Your 2019 New Year’s Motivation To Be Fit with Qua Nutrition

2019 new year motivation

Have you set your new year motivation yet? If not. Then Set Your 2019 New Year Motivation To Be Fit with us. As the new year is on its way, you don’t have to overhaul your entire life to be healthier as someone who loves pizza and sweets and not running a cross-country marathon. You never had to slip in… Read more »


Importance of nutrition in our daily life

We are what we eat. How we fuel our body would define how we lead our daily life. In order to perform its everyday functions, a body requires nutrients, which it gets via food that we eat. Our food consists of 6 important nutrients, namely: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. In order to lead a healthy life, the best… Read more »


Keto diet for weight loss? Know from best nutritionist in India if keto diet is right for you.

Keto diet has become popular among people who want to lose weight. As Keto diet offers a quick fix to weight issue, it is much followed by general masses & celebrities alike. “A lot of film stars and models come to me asking for Keto diet advice as they have read that western models opt for keto diet in order… Read more »


glass of beetroot juice taken 2 to 3 hours before practice regularly can boost endurance by up to19%?

Nutrition fact Nutrition fact – Did you know that a glass of beetroot juice taken 2 to 3 hours before practice regularly can boost endurance by up to19%? Most athletes remain unaware of the best foods they can take to fuel themselves precisely for their sport. In an extremely demanding sport like Cricket, players need to remain in their top… Read more »