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All About Summer Diet Fruit: Langsah/Lotka

Langsah/Lotka Lanzone fruit is a sweet, delicious, round to oval berry native to Malayan Peninsular tropical fruiting trees in the Mahogany family. Its refreshingly sweet and tangy flavor is appreciated by many fruit lovers in the South East Asian countries. Scientific name: Lansium domesticum Correa. It is chiefly grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei. Some of the common names are Duku,… Read more »


All About Summer Seasonal Fruit: Chalta (Elephant Apple)

Chalta Elephant Apple

Chalta (Elephant Apple) In India, chalta plants thrive in the swampy forests of the Himalayas, northeastern states of Assam and Meghalaya, as well as in the woodlands across the country. The fruit that is large, oblong and greenish-yellow in colour, develops in the autumn and winter seasons between October and February. Both the ripe and unripe fruits are used in… Read more »


Benefits of Famous Summer Diet “God’s fruit”: Jamun

Jambolan plum or jambhul or jamun fruit

Jamun Jamun is a very famous refreshing succulent fruit which anybody can taste during the summer season as it is easily available at this time in markets. The fruit is oblong which is purple. The Jamun fruit is not only known for its nutritional value but also it is a powerhouse of several health benefits. The Jamun tree grows in the… Read more »


All About Summer Diet Fruit: Japani Phal (Persimmon)

Japani Phal (Persimmon)

Japani Phal (Persimmon) Originally from China, persimmon trees have been grown for thousands of years for their delicious fruit and beautiful wood. Their orange-colored fruits called persimmons are known for their sweet, honey-like flavor. While hundreds of types exist, the Hachiya and Fuyu varieties are among the most popular. The heart-shaped Hachiya persimmons are astringent, meaning they are very high in… Read more »


#5 things you should not do if you want a good night’s sleep

Things you should not do if you want a good night’s sleep

Few things you should not do if you want a good night’s sleep When we struggle with life during a pandemic, getting a good night’s sleep is becoming more difficult. Sleep is also one of the first aspects of your life to be affected when you have elevated or constant levels of stress. According to the National Center for Health… Read more »


Health Benefits of Plant-Based Milk

Best nutrition plan by qua nutrition

Plant-based milk is becoming increasingly popular. Foodies are writing about it on their blogs, supermarkets are selling it, and every self-respecting café has it on their menu. But what are the advantages of plant-pasteurized milk versus cow-pasteurized milk? Are there any advantages? Plant-Based Milk: It is a lactose-free alternative to traditional cow milk. There are numerous reasons to make the… Read more »