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Tips to Stick to Your Keto Diet

Foods to Eat on the Ketogenic Diet by best nutritionist in mumbai Qua Nutrition

The keto diet becomes more and more popular each day. It’s because of its health benefits. Namely, it helps people lose weight, improve their skin, improve their heart health, protect the functioning of their brain, lower their cholesterol, and so on. It’s no wonder why many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, LeBron James, have tried it. To be honest,… Read more »


What is the best diet for controlling inflammation?

diet for inflammation by best nutritionist in Hyderabad

Do you know all about Inflammation? Inflammation is a defense mechanism in the body. When something harmful or irritating affects a part of the body, the immune system recognizes the damaged cells, irritants, pathogens, etc and initiate the healing or corrective process. Thus, diet for controlling inflammation is important.   In the absence of inflammation the wound, the damaged tissue… Read more »


5 reasons why you do not lose weight even on a calorie deficit

Best Tips To Make Your Life Healthy

Our body knows how to maintain weight and enjoys when we get fat. And vice versa – he does not like to get rid of valuable reserves of fat. Here are 5 reasons why we are not losing weight even on a deficit. 1.   You compare yourself with others One friend lost weight – what is his diet? Relieved another – what is… Read more »


Successful Weight Loss Diet Plan for Men

How to Lose Weight With The Vegan Diet Plan?

Men face a challenge when they try to lose their overweight and the main challenge is meal size. In many restaurants, other social sites and guys are encouraged to eat hearty foods. Big bodies and big meals are often celebrated in television shows and men’s magazines.  However, men’s bodies are highly susceptible to get weight owing to lifestyle. Weight loss… Read more »


What is an Ideal Balanced Diet for Gym Goers?

QuaNutrition - What is an Ideal Balanced Diet For Gymers

Believe it or not, but it is a fact that Nutrition is the important factor for any individual who goes to the gym or aspires to have a great body transformation, whether we try to lose fat or gain weight. Calories and the types of food we eat are the most vital component of bodybuilding. We, at QuaNutrition, have designed… Read more »


Keto diet for weight loss? Know from best nutritionist in India if keto diet is right for you.

Keto diet has become popular among people who want to lose weight. As Keto diet offers a quick fix to weight issue, it is much followed by general masses & celebrities alike. “A lot of film stars and models come to me asking for Keto diet advice as they have read that western models opt for keto diet in order… Read more »


Top 5 seeds you should include in your diet

Top 5 seeds you should include in your diet Top 5 seeds you should include in your diet: Nature has provided us with so many power packed resources,one such is in form of seeds.Check out below few of seeds that can benefit your health. 1.Sunflower seeds Powerhouse of folate, vit-E, selenium, copper essential to maintain heart health. How to incorporate… Read more »