Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

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An athlete must eat organic and different varieties of food & should not keep on the same thing everytime like you should double up your zinc and Vitamin D intake during winter as you don’t get a lot of sunlight during winters. Foods like beetroot can enhance your endurance, stamina. It also increases the oxygen levels in red blood cells. Opt for boiled chicken instead of a fried one. Many of athletes don’t know that baked beans provide adequate energy so you can go into a training session and will help you to sustain throughout the season.  Does an athlete should opt for a meal which contains protein, fat, carbs loke rice or pasta with chicken. During the evening a smaller meal is recommended.

Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Athletes need slightly higher levels of protein intake than the normal population as they have to perform well. The degree of intake varies depends on the type of activity you’re undertaking.  An Olympic triathlete trains 6-7 hours in a day as they lose quite a lot calories. They require adequate nutrition to replace the lost calorie.

Now as we know with the increasing number of people becoming health conscious day-by-day, there is an increase in the number of attention people are paying to their diets. Proper nutrition is important for everyone to have good health and well-being. But, in the case of athletes, dietary habits have a direct influence on performance. For athletes, dietary habits are not for losing weight, they need to eat healthy to improve their performance. So, the nutrition-rich diet should always be on the top priority of athletes.

According to the best nutritionist in Hyderabad, from workouts to practice sessions, gym visits to on-field training, athletes need the energy to enhance their performance. What is the most important thing in every person’s as an individual so everyone will have their own balanced diet based on them as an individual. For Example:  If you kick off at 3’0 clock in the noon that requires a lot of carbs during mid-morning around 11 am. You should eat, spaghetti, beans in the right quantity. Do not make yourself full.  You’re just to put a certain amount in your body and remember it is not just your food, you should see it as fuel like putting petrol in your engine.

Many of the athletes needs amino acids for the basic building blocks of protein to maintain the replenishment and rebuilding.  Most of the athletes don’t know that our brain tissue is fat, fats are essential in most joints &to upkeep our immune system. Carbohydrate is one of the other three macronutrients that make up the basis of all our diets. For each one carbohydrates can vary from vegetables to fruit, bread, rice, pasta and right up to the cakes and sweets.  They are very much termed like a high and low glycemic index. This simply means that your body ability should be able to cope with that carbs input and what kind of carbs it is. Yet its important area for athletes, to understand if it is not utilized, it will turn into fat.

Here are a few reasons why athletes should focus on their nutritional intake daily:

Energy – Athletes require higher calories than an average person due to the intensity of workouts involved in their schedule. To maintain energy in their body, they need to focus on the intake of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in their diet. These nutrients provide fuel to their body and prevent muscle fatigue.

Muscle Recovery – Athletes face grueling sessions during matches or practice sessions. If they do not concentrate on their protein and calcium intake, their sessions may result in muscle damage. By including milk and carbohydrates to their diet, they can ensure strong bones and long term muscle recovery.

Athletic Potential – A well-planned nutrition-dense diet is required by athletes to attain their full athletic potential. So, if an athlete wants to improve exert more work and efforts into his performance, he needs to have the correct balance of nutrients in his diet.

Reduced Risk of Diseases – When the body is deprived of essential nutrients, the immune system becomes weak. In such cases, the athlete becomes susceptible to injuries and chronic conditions like diabetes.

Weight ControlWeight gain can be a serious issue with athletes as it directly hampers their performance. It is very important for athletes to maintain their body weight and create a proper eating plan with help of experts. Athletes can consult dietitians to sketch out a proper eating plan composed of nutritional foods.

If an athlete does not eat properly, he may feel tired and his sports performance may get affected. Depending on the type of sport played, the intensity of workouts involved and the amount of time spent in the activity, an athlete needs to plan his dietary chart by a Qualified Best Nutritionist in Delhi.

It’s not doctors but a Nutritionist’s job to align an athlete’s Diet.

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