Discover the ‘Glue’ in Gluten | All about Gluten-Free Diet

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These days we hear a lot about the Gluten-Free Diet. What is it actually, how it can harm you? Let’s have a look.

Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten— in Latin means ‘Glue’ —– is a protein composite, which is adhesive in nature; Holding flour to make bread products, including crackers, baked goods, and pizza dough. When you eat a fluffy muffin or roll and stretch pizza dough before cooking, you have gluten to thank. Most of the soft, chewy bread products available today have gluten in it.

As per the best nutritionist in Delhi, gluten plays a vital part in the leavening process, letting bread “rise” when wheat mixes with yeast. Gluten is made up of two main groups of protein, Glutenins, and gliadins. A person may be sensitive, to either of these proteins. It causes a sensitivity reaction leading to inflammation.

Now, every one of us has experienced a headache in life. We do everything possible to get rid of that pain, over the counter remedies until our body returns to a normal, healthy state. But do you know Gluten can be one of the culprits, which causes a headache, Shocked right? Well, there is a clinical study, a person was suffering from a daily Migraine, he tried everything possible on earth to cure himself, it did not work.

At last, he went to a doctor, who tested him gluten sensitivity and, the report was strongly positive in eight of the markers. Thereafter he was put into a gluten-free diet.
Four months later the Doctor received a letter from the patient stating “My almost daily migraine symptoms have abated since removing gluten from the diet and there is a huge increase in my energy levels.”

gluten free diet for healthy body. All about gluten free diet

Gluten-free diet for a healthy body. All about gluten-free diet

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