How Bad Diet is Ruining Your Health?

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From fast food to bagged food & especially sugary food has become processed. This means it has been manipulated in multiple ways. Processed food gives less nutrition with more calories and salts.  There’s a direct color correlation between the consumption of these types of foods and metabolic consequences which results in an increased level of insulin, increased blood pressure, symptoms like fatigue and lack of motivation.

Here’s a brief example of how an unhealthy diet affects our body:

Brain: can cause feelings of exhaustion or depression.

Mouth and teeth: Eating fat, salt and sugar trigger the body to want more unhealthy fat, salt, and sugars.  It can cause cavities.

Heart: Sugary and fattening food and too much food can block arteries and make your heart work too hard.

Stomach and intestines: Can cause constipation. Eating or drinking too much sugar puts undue stress on digestive systems and causes the body to store fat.

Other organs:  Can cause you to frequently fall ill. Causes blood sugar to become imbalanced. Causes your cells to age faster.

If an organ in your body does not have all the ingredients it needs from the food you eat to do its job well, it will simply not do its job well or even at all and is much more likely to become sick and stop working.  Increase in adrenaline hormone means increased stress level

Poor diet also causes Behavioral problems and new studies show it can cause hormonal changes in children. A hormone is a molecule that is made by the body it carries signal to cells with specific instructions. But those instructions can be changed based on our diet.

Nutrition has a great impact on child development. Just like adults what we eat can affect our ability to perform our tasks, a child can also face similar issue every day.  Introducing a child to a variety of foods is essential for nutritional development and palate diversification.  But we must cautious of choice of food intake as the effect of inappropriate nutrition on a child’s health is a big issue.  Refined carbohydrate foods such as Pasta, Pastries, white rice are now a major part of children’s diet.  As the best dietitian in India, the worrying part is all these foods are nutritionally void. For the evolution of human being, nature provides us with green vegetables, fruits, meat etc. Food that we eat becomes us i.e. they affect the structure and functions of the body. Hence a bad diet can lead to symptoms like mood disorders & behavioral issues, immune dysfunction, low energy levels, allergies in a child.

Any plant, fruit or food as it goes into heating and preservations or modifications there’s a diminished potency of their nutrient value. Lack of nutrients affects our hormones causing damage that can only be prevented through a clean diet of whole food and organic fruits and vegetables.

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