How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss

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How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss

Indian diet-A balanced meal?

India is a land of rich and varied heritage which includes a variety of cultures, religions, food preferences, food habits. It is the popular cuisines around the world and enjoyed by most of the foreigners. Indian diet is regarded as a balanced meal as it includes a variety of traditional food items prepared by interesting cooking techniques that are rich in carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals. So Let’s find out How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss?

How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss

How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss

Diet mostly includes whole grain, lentils, healthy fats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables which meets the daily requirement of the body. The body needs energy-rich foods like carbohydrates to function for the day, bodybuilding foods like proteins to build and maintain muscle and protective foods like vitamin minerals to help the body to function as a defense mechanism by boosting immunity and stamina.

As per the Best nutritionist in Bangalore, let’s see in detail how the Indian diet comprises of all the essential nutrients and how it plays a major role in our body to achieve weight loss and overall health.


Carbohydrates are the sugars in the form of glucose which helps in giving energy to the body to perform the daily task. They are classified as Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides. Monosaccharides, Disaccharides are known as simple sugars that can be digested easily, and quickly converts to energy. Polysaccharides are complex sugars which takes longer time to digest and fills the stomach for a longer time. Thus, carbohydrates help in the functioning of the brain as neurons use the carbohydrates to release energy to perform. Indian desi food provides a good source of carbohydrates which helps in constant energy supply.

                                                 1g of carbohydrates gives 4 kcal


Proteins are made up of amino acids and they are known as building blockers. They help in muscle building, helps in repairing cells, acts as a defense mechanism to our body, bone health, promotes proper growth and development.

High protein foods like egg, milk, meat help to build, repair, and strengthen the tissue. Pulses, dals, legumes, seeds, paneer, soya chap, nuts are also a good source of protein. Indian diet includes all the above food thus making the diet complete and well balanced in protein that also helps to lose weight.

     1g of protein gives 4 kcal

How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss

How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss


Fats are the source of energy, known as body fuel. Fats are very important for the development of the body as they provide a large number of calories when compared to carbohydrates and proteins. Helps in the absorption of some vitamins and minerals. Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are known as goods fats.

Good fats help in reducing heart disease, strokes, lowers bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, improves muscle movements, reduces inflammation. Milk, egg, ghee, nuts like pistachio, badam, seeds have a high amount of good fat which is consumed as a snack among Indians.

                                                     1 kg of fat gives 9 kcal

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the essential nutrients which perform various roles in our body. They help in building bones, protect vision, helps in producing and releasing energy, helps to metabolize protein, cell development, and multiplication, which helps in overall health and functions.

Vitamins and minerals are rich in fruits, vegetables, cereals, milk, and dairy products. Indian diet includes foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals thus helps the body to function well.

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