Importance of nutrition in our daily life

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We are what we eat. How we fuel our body would define how we lead our daily life. In order to perform its everyday functions, a body requires nutrients, which it gets via food that we eat. Our food consists of 6 important nutrients, namely: Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water. In order to lead a healthy life, the best diet plan would consist of right combination of all 6 nutrients. Be it a homemaker, a professional, an athlete, importance of nutrition in their daily life is alike.

So when 36 year old Mrs Kavitha Krishnamurthy, decided to shred out some weight, she made a most common mistake of putting herself on a starvation diet, instead of top weight loss nutrition plan. According to Ryan Fernando, best nutritionist in India & founder of QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics, “People in order to address their weight issues, look for quick fix method, when there is none. To lose weight, they put themselves on a diet, only to regain weight again. The only way to lose weight in a long run is to align one’s daily food intake habit”. The best weight loss diet plan would include these foods in order to cut down on weight: Apple, Green tea, cinnamon, Banana. Beware of “Sugar free” foods available in market.

Praveen, 29 year old marketing professional, founds it hard to concentrate on work at hand. His job required him to analyze current market trends, come up with new ideas, design strategies, which required lot of brainstorming. He often found himself to run out of energy to execute his plans. Following a best nutrition plan would help in maintaining good mental health. Food that help in stimulating the brain power includes fish, seeds, nuts, vegetables like: broccoli, green beans, cucumber & low sugar fruits like Apple, Orange, Grapes, and Kiwi. Further to improving brain power, these foods would also help in fight against stress. Right food would ensure that right amount of energy is released to the brain, which would help an individual to withstand a hectic day.

Sedentary lifestyle, hectic schedules, unstructured meal times and increase in intake of processed & junk foods have taken its toll on digestive system of current generation. Poor digestion system irritates the stomach that leads to bloating, discomfort and slows down our metabolism, which left a feeling of sluggishness in an individual. A low fiber diet can result in constipation or diet with high acidic content can lead to acid reflux. A poor digestive system also affects the sleep pattern, which can result in an increase in stress level due to lack of proper rest. Food for good digestion: Brown rice, oats, yogurt, banana, apple, beetroot, sweet potato.

One food doesn’t fit all. People might be allergic to a certain type of food or are not eating food which suits to their gene. Hence, it is advisable that one should get in touch with a top nutrition clinic in order to get a customized diet plan based on scientific data like blood report, body assessment report and genetic test report.

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