Keto diet for weight loss? Know from best nutritionist in India if keto diet is right for you.

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Keto diet has become popular among people who want to lose weight. As Keto diet offers a quick fix to weight issue, it is much followed by general masses & celebrities alike.

“A lot of film stars and models come to me asking for Keto diet advice as they have read that western models opt for keto diet in order to lose weight and get a zero size figure” says Ryan Fernando, Founder at QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics, largest nutrition clinics in India.

But are they following best weight loss diet plan? Best nutritionist in India is skeptic about it.

What is Keto Diet for weight loss?

Keto diet is a high fat, low carbs diet. Normally a balanced diet consist of 45-65% of Carbohydrate, 10-35% of fat & 20-35% of protein, whereas a keto diet consist of 65-75% of fat, 15-20% of protein & less than 5% of carbohydrate. Since keto is a low carbs diet, fat stored in the body are broken down to provide energy for body and brain performance

Is Keto Diet right for you?

As per Ryan Fernando “Keto diet is not suitable for all. Say, if a person has an APOE gene present in the body, it may lead to atherosclerosis. So even though he is losing weight, he is also making his arteries harder”.

He further says that “Indian foods are phenomenally based on carbohydrate diet, making it very difficult for an individual to follow the diet plan, probably the reason why people put on weight again. Keto diet can help you achieve short term weight loss goals, but for long term gain, I would suggest to put in place a top nutrition diet plan under guidance of a best nutritionist”. Click here to see Ryan speaking more on the topic.

Keto diet can lead to loss of muscle mass and decrease in water level in the body. Another side effect of Keto diet is Constipation, as body misses out on fiber rich fruits & vegetables because of low carb diet. Keto diet lacks minerals like sodium, potassium & vitamins like Vit- D, which can result in high risk for fracture and bone diseases.

What You Should Do?

Even before you do a Ketogenic diet, follow simple steps mentioned below in order to be ensure that it’s suitable for your body:
1. Get your blood test done.
2. Do a Genetic test.
3. Get Cholesterol, Lipid profile & Insulin test done.
4. Consult a nutritionist expert to get a proper medical and nutritional guidance.

A top nutrition clinic like QUA Nutrition Signature Clinics can help you in getting above test done. Visit for more information.

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