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-Smeetal Pereira, Dietitian (Clinical Nutritionist) (M.Sc. Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)

Making a resolution on the 1st day of a new year and forgetting about it within a week has always been the trend with most of us. Let the New Year 2021 be unique in the way you plan your resolutions. In 2020, COVID -19 has been responsible in creating awareness about health and fitness, and has given enough warnings to improve our health. Let us vow to take over the situation and come out healthier in 2021. You need not make unrealistic resolutions and then wait year after years for it to show results because you haven’t worked on it. Just simple lifestyle modifications can help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. But it is important to be consistent and have faith in your efforts. Dedication and patience gives results.

I have put together 12 health-related resolutions of which you can make one every month in 2021 and subsequently build upon it, to improve health and achieve your fitness goals.

  1. Get your Blood Test done. Keep a check on your blood parameters as you grow a year older. Blood test is an early indicator of medical conditions. Get the diagnosis done; identify the problems first so that you can act upon it in the year to come.


  1. Get Supplements and Food recommendations. Discuss your profile with health care professionals who can help you with adequate suggestions customized for your body’s requirements and your specific goals.


  1. Follow a consistent routine for both meals and body cleansing. The body needs time to adapt and has to be adequately cleaned to ensure proper functioning of the various parts of the body.

  4. Consume a well balanced diet. Do not let out any wholesome food, include foods from all         food groups (Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Oil seeds, Poultry) so that you               reap the health benefits from each of the food group.

Consume a well balanced diet

Consume a well-balanced diet

  1. Eating as close to the nature as possible. Eat Whole Foods instead of processed products. Consume more of natural colours (Yellow, Orange, Red, Green Fruits and Vegetables) to get high amount of antioxidants that will make you look younger.


  1. Consume healthy Fats (Nuts, oil seeds) which help to maintain adequate hormonal balance, instead of trans fat rich bakery and packaged food items that increase weight and the risk of diseases.


  1. Optimizing protein intake. Ensure to include protein rich foods such as dals, beans, lentils, sprouts, eggs, chicken, fish etc in all your meals so that you build stronger muscles for better strength and stamina.


  1. Avoid trigger foods. Identify foods that you are unable to tolerate and try avoiding them as far as possible to reduce inflammation in the body. These could include spicy or greasy foods that trigger gut issues or any food allergens that make you sick or ill.


  1. Avoid Sweet and Sugary foods that give empty calories, instead consume more nutrients dense foods such as dry fruits and nuts.


  1. Drink adequate water to keep the body hydrated and electrolytes well balanced. Dehydration harms the internal organs of the body more than you could have ever imagined. And water consumption helps in detoxification of liver and flashes out the toxins, thus cleansing the body well.


  1. Ensure to do regular physical activity. Simple brisk walking for 45 minutes per day for 6 days a week is good enough to start with. It is never too late to start a sport that you always dreamt of playing.


  1. Get good rest. Recovery happens the most during rest. Energy levels improve drastically if you sleep at least 7 to 8 hours at a stretch.

If you are able to follow each of these lifestyle modifications for at least a month through the year, rest assure you will be much healthier and fit by the end of 2021.

DO NOT be confused about when to start, today is a great day to begin prioritizing your health.

The choice is yours!!!!


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