Nutrition for Medical Care

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Hippocrates through his famous quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” advised prevention and treatment of diseases first and foremost by eating a nutrient-dense diet. Ayurveda have taught for thousands of years that food is medicine and a healthy diet is a powerful tool for protecting one’s health.

Lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases are rising at an alarming pace. India has witnessed huge increase in number of lifestyle diseases cases in the past decade. Diet along with lack of physical activity is a major contributing factor for these diseases. The increase of such cases among younger population imposes serious public health challenge and requires dietary planning and strategies for risk management of lifestyle diseases.

Foods we include in our diet also plays a critical role in controlling inflammation levels, helping digestive organs to process and eliminate waste,stabilising blood pressure, getting rid of harmful toxins, regulates hormonal balance, reduces hypertension and maintains mental well being.

The effects of genetic disorders such as Eating disorder, Diabetes etc can not only be controlled but can also be reversed with the help of right diet. Do a nutrition gene test and get a customized genetic test based nutrition plan for you. For information click here

Consult a nutritionist
In their quest to be healthy, people have been following top diet plan for themselves based on online search, books and recommendations from their close groups, but to no avail. Such measures lack scientific approach.

At Qua Nutrition, best nutrition clinic in India, our nutrition experts use evidence based nutrition therapies to provide you with exclusively customized nutrition plans for a better healthy lifestyle. We also give you suggestions about the essential nutrients you need to take to prevent any deficiencies.

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