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On average the women experience menopause around 40 to 58 years of age.
Generally, irregular periods accompanied with hot flashes, night sweats, dryness in vagina, pain during intercourse, chills, sleep disturbances, mood swings, increased weight, slow metabolism, fatigue, depression, irritability, thinning hairs, dry skin, loss of skin firmness, etc. mark this phase.

diet plan for 50years old women

Diet plan for 50years old women

Correct nutrition can help in managing and reducing most of the symptoms ensuring trouble-free transition & optimal health.

There is a lot more to good nutrition than meets the eye. Meeting with a Qua Nutrition nutritionist can help evaluate some of your pitfalls you may not be aware of. Losing weight is every woman’s nemesis.

You want to fit into that outfit you loved at the store so you start off by starving yourself. Not to forget the well-meaning advice from well-wishers on how to lose weight. Nothing seems to work because what worked for others is not the plan that was designed for your body type. No wonder you are close to giving up and feel that this is your last chance.

A sensible weight loss program allows you to lose weight slowly. It can range from 500gms to 1Kg per week. Gradual weight loss promotes loss of body fat instead of water loss from the body, which is harmful and gets replenished very fast. At Qua Nutrition the team of nutritionists will design a customized nutrition plan that works in a way that your body would respond best to.

Important nutrients that are needed during this phase are iron, magnesium, vitamin B12, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants.

Happy Tips for Women After 50’s:
1. Eat a well-balanced meal with the right proportion of complex carbohydrates, protein & fat.

2. Include superfoods like beans, lentils, soy products, fortified cereals, whole grains, dark green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, fresh seasonal fruits, dry fruits, nuts and berries.

3. Take adequate protein from dals, meat, poultry, fishes & eggs.

4. Incorporate curd or yogurt to make the gut happy.

5. Keep a regular walk/exercise regime

6. Try herbal tea like red clove or evening primrose which are helpful in reducing symptoms.

At Qua Nutrition Health our nutrition experts will hand hold you through the process of losing weight by designing a nutrition plan with supplement strategy exclusively for you. So go ahead and binge on that slinky outfit even after your 50’s.

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