How To Check On Adulteration

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Be it any food milk, paneer, tea or oil, nothing comes in its purest form.Till the time it reaches you it is adulterated and it becomes harmful. Therefore, here are some methods to spot the adulterated food material. Be it any food milk, paneer, tea or oil, nothing comes in its purest form.Till the time it reaches you it is… Read more »


Amazing Properties Of Onion

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The onion is a staple ingredient of a whole variety of dishes around the world. However it also offer health benefits that most people don’t know about. Its medicinal qualities have been recognized for centuries and it has been used for its healing powers by a number of cultures. Onions as Part of Your Diet: There are many reasons why… Read more »


Amazing Benefits Of Amla

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Amla is one of the most important fruits; it grows well in a warm climate. It is known to be a rich source of Vitamin C. Packed with compounds like polyphenols, minerals like Iron and zinc and vitamins like Carotenes and Vitamin B complex, amla can definitely keep a number of diseases at bay. Below are some of the many… Read more »


How To Control Diabetes

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Diabetes is one of the leading concerns among health professionals today. It is caused when the blood sugar levels rise to an excess, which results in a resistance to insulin. It is important to implement measures to control blood sugar levels and to stop the spread of diabetes in its tracks. 1. Consume More Dairy Products The protein and fat… Read more »


Foods That Fight Fatigue

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There are times when we feel a bit sleepy, and low on energy, which could lead to fatigue. Fatigue is when you’re constantly feeling weak and tired, either physically or mentally. Stress is one of the major leading causes of fatigue, whether it’s long hours at the office, or simply having too much on your mind. Find out some foods… Read more »


Interesting Facts About Food

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1) Pineapple is a natural painkiller The fruit contains anti-inflammatory enzymes that bring pain relief from conditions such as arthritis, according to a study at Reading University. 2) Pomegranate juice can prevent a heart attack This wonder juice is believed to improve blood flow to the heart and lower blood pressure. 3) Onions are natural antibiotics Onions are a great source of allicin-… Read more »


Health Benefits Of Raspberries

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Raspberries are not as popular as blueberries, for example, but these berries have a host of fantastic benefits. They are chock full of fiber, antioxidants and essential vitamins. These little berries are an excellent source of ellagic acid that stops the growth of cancer cells, reducing your risk of cancer. Moreover, raspberries are fortified with B vitamins, vitamin C, folic… Read more »


How To Protect Your Bones

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Osteoporosis is a disease that damages the bones, weakens them and makes them brittle and breakable. There is a significant decrease in bone density, and this causes the bone to weaken and increases the risk of fractures. Here are some tips for the prevention of decreasing bone density: Physical activity: Any sort of workout along with correct nutrition helps in bone building… Read more »


A Banana A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

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Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose,fructose and glucose combined with fiber.A banana gives an instant, substantial boost of energy. Research has proven that just two bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. Here are few benefits of eating banana : Muscle Cramps In two mintues Cramps are gone with this powerful and amazing fruit   Depression: According to… Read more »