Which Is An Ideal Diet For a Sports Person?

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Sports is very demanding on the body. A wicketkeeper in Cricket does a minimum of 540 squats in a single day of a test match, Tennis involves the repetitive movement of wrists; Golf requires a lot of bending & lifting and during intense training sessions body’s muscle work rate can increase more than 25 times. An athlete’s body is a machine and… Read more »


Why genetic testing is important for athletes?

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genetic testing by qua nutrition

Genetic tests are crucial as they can predict an athlete’s traits by determining specific and scientifically identified genes that may impact athletic performance, nutrition, risk of injury, or other behaviours. The weight, or value, of each gene, is assessed for importance, as some genes have a larger contribution to athletic performance than others. Some of the most common physiological traits… Read more »


What is the best diet for controlling inflammation?

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diet for inflammation by best nutritionist in Hyderabad

Do you know all about Inflammation? Inflammation is a defense mechanism in the body. When something harmful or irritating affects a part of the body, the immune system recognizes the damaged cells, irritants, pathogens, etc and initiate the healing or corrective process. Thus, diet for controlling inflammation is important.   In the absence of inflammation the wound, the damaged tissue… Read more »


Nutrition Before and After Workout

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Best nutrition plan by qua nutrition

If you are looking for the best nutrition before and after workout meal option, then you have landed yourself in the right place as we have nutrition tips that you require before and after workout just for you. Your nutrition before and after workout is crucial and can help improve your performance and results. Your goals should be to burn… Read more »


Why diet plan for athletes by sports nutritionist essential?

Best Tips To Make Your Life Healthy

An athlete must eat organic and different varieties of food & should not keep on the same thing everytime like you should double up your zinc and Vitamin D intake during winter as you don’t get a lot of sunlight during winters. Foods like beetroot can enhance your endurance, stamina. It also increases the oxygen levels in red blood cells…. Read more »


Nutrition for Kids who are into Sports

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Best Gluten Free Snacks Ideas For Kids

Young athletes who are engaged in all-day competitions or strenuous endurance sports (like rowing, running, cycling, competitive swimming, etc) that can involve 1½ to 2 hours or more of activityat a time may require to consume more food to keep up with their increased energy demands and have the nutrition for Kids .  The best sports nutritionist for kids provides… Read more »


Health Benefits of Organic Foods & Meal Replacement Drinks

Health Benefits of Organic Foods & Meal Replacement Drinks by qua nutrition

Most diets aim to help you feel better. But many of them fail miserably to make this happen. How so? Non-organic foods and drinks are the insidious culprits. Loaded with dozens of harmful compounds, they make even healthful diets impotent. Let’s see what opting for organic foods and drinks delivers. Why Is It Better to Avoid Non-Organic Foods & Drinks?… Read more »


Top Food That Helps in Fast Recovery After Heart Diagnosis

You should never mess with your health and maintain the proper diet and restrictions along with the medications that your doctor has advised you, especially if you have just been diagnosed with heart disease. A significant part of the key to good health lies in maintaining a proper diet and eating healthy food. Now healthy does not mean you have… Read more »



It is very evident that those who are fitness freak and go to the gym regularly and sweat heavily for long hours of the day need a balance diet after a heavy workout to recharge their body.  Draining a huge amount of minerals from the body and workouts for toning of the muscles obviously leads to fatigue and tiredness and… Read more »