Who Wants to Lose Belly Fat? – Let’s Talk

Lose Belly Fat by Qua Nutrition

Obesity is a serious concern among many countries these days. The problem with obesity is that it gives birth to many other diseases, often chronic. If you had been treating obesity as just another body size, wait till you read some astonishing statistics regarding it. Some Facts About Obesity: Obesity has tripled worldwide since 1975 According to the 2016 statistics,… Read more »


Diet to control PCOD and Thyroid

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diet for pcod and thyroid

Well, do you know how can PCOD and Thyroid be controlled by Diet? PCOS/PCOD known as Polycystic ovarian syndrome/Disorder is an endocrine disorder which is found mostly in reproductive age of women and is associated with symptoms like menstrual irregularity, Hirusitism (Facial Hair Growth), Infertility, Insulin resistance, etc. Well, we have a good diet to control PCOD and Thyroid. As per the… Read more »


Nutrition for Kids who are into Sports

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Best Gluten Free Snacks Ideas For Kids

Young athletes who are engaged in all-day competitions or strenuous endurance sports (like rowing, running, cycling, competitive swimming, etc) that can involve 1½ to 2 hours or more of activityat a time may require to consume more food to keep up with their increased energy demands and have the nutrition for Kids .  The best sports nutritionist for kids provides… Read more »


How Sports Performance Depends on the Diet?

diet and performance

Essentially look at foods to its macronutrients which is our protein, fats, and carbs & nutrients which are made up of all vitamins and minerals. Protein is important because all the structures of our body armor, muscle tissues are made up of amino acids. An athlete needs amino acids for the basic building blocks of protein to maintain the replenishment… Read more »


Where do Nutrition Lack for Athletes?

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Nutrition for athletes by qua nutrition

When you exercise you deplete your body of nutrients. These nutrients need to be replaced. If you look at your nutrients level like a beaker of fluid, the fluid level drop when we exercise and fill up when we eat. Many of the sports people lack this knowledge and thus cause Nutrition lack for athletes which might lead to a… Read more »


How Bad Diet is Ruining Your Health?

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Nutrition awareness by qua nutrition

From fast food to bagged food & especially sugary food has become processed. This means it has been manipulated in multiple ways. Processed food gives less nutrition with more calories and salts.  There’s a direct color correlation between the consumption of these types of foods and metabolic consequences which results in an increased level of insulin, increased blood pressure, symptoms… Read more »


7 Health Benefits of Berries to Include in Diet

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Health Benefits of Berries Qua Nutrition

Berries are some of nature’s most powerful disease prevention foods. They are delicious, tiny & colorful and provide plenty of health benefits of berries.  Reasons why you should include berries in your diet for a healthier life: Eating berries can help manage Diabetes: Berries are some of the best food that a person with diabetes can eat.  Although berries are sweet… Read more »


Nutrition Before and After Workout

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Best nutrition plan by qua nutrition

If you are looking for the best nutrition before and after workout meal option, then you have landed yourself in the right place as we have nutrition tips that you require before and after workout just for you. Your nutrition before and after workout is crucial and can help improve your performance and results. Your goals should be to burn… Read more »