Importance of nutrition while increasing your workout intensity

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How important is nutrition if you are planning to increase your workout intensity? Doing a highly vigorous activity with interspersed periods of short pauses or lower intensity exercise for recovery is known as high-intensity interval training. High-intensity workouts burn the same amount of calories as low-intensity workouts, but they take less time to complete. High-intensity exercise is a potent way… Read more »


How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss?

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Dietary errors like those mentioned in today's article are so common that they've become the new normal.

How Indian diet helps you in weight Loss A balanced meal on the Indian diet? India has a rich and diverse background that encompasses a wide range of cultures, religions, cuisine preferences, and food habits. It is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and most foreigners appreciate it. The Indian diet is considered a balanced diet since… Read more »


How nutrition for stress and diabetes interrelated?

5 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Facts

Nutrition for stress and diabetes Diabetes control is a life-long endeavour. Diabetes is characterised by a lack of insulin synthesis, which allows cells to digest glucose from food and use it as energy. Insulin is either not created in sufficient quantities or does not work correctly, resulting in an increase in blood sugar levels. This can add to your daily… Read more »


How nutrition can help in the ageing process?

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Can a nutrition plan help in the ageing process? Ageing is an unavoidable process that occurs throughout the life cycle, from conception to death. The last few decades of human history have seen a significant increase in life expectancy as a result of medical advancements. However, it appears that the ultra-modern life-supporting technologies installed in healthcare facilities have failed to… Read more »


How can nutrition help in vitiligo? Dietary Guidelines To Follow

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Nutrition Plan for Vitiligo Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder that is an acquired pigmentary, long-term skin disorder marked by skin depigmentation. Its true aetiology is unknown, however it is thought to be caused by a lack of functioning melanocytes (cells that produces dark pigment melanin in the skin). Autoimmune disorders, viral infections, genetic, neurological, and oxidative stress all have a part… Read more »


Free Radicals & Antioxidants: What precisely are they?

Free Radicals & Antioxidants   We’ve all heard the term “free radicals,” but what precisely are they? You may recall that atoms are kept together by chemical bonds, which are made up of paired electrons. A molecule’s stability is maintained by this chemical connection. The molecule becomes unstable when an electron is unpaired, i.e. when the chemical connection is broken…. Read more »


Diabetes: 7 Simple Lifestyle Changes to Avoid the Metabolic Disease

Eating slowly, on time, and in the appropriate amount can help reduce the chance of developing diabetes. With one in every twelve persons in India suffering from diabetes, it is no surprise that the country is known as the world’s diabetes capital. When diabetes is combined with disorders such as obesity and diseases such as Covid-19, it takes on a… Read more »


Removing sugar from the diet can prevent Cancer – Myth or Fact!!

The human body needs the energy to function and the prime source of it is in the form of glucose. It has been said that there is no epidemiologic evidence that sugars are associated with any cancer sites. It needs to be understood that high sugar amounts consumed over a long period may lead to an increase in weight gain… Read more »




TIPS TO BOOST IMMUNITY – WORLD AIDS AWARENESS DAY   –Smeetal Pereira, Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist (M.Sc. Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics)   Every year 1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Awareness Day to support those infected by the dreadful HIV virus to help fight the stigma attached to AIDS, create more awareness about preventing the spread of HIV and supporting those… Read more »


Nutritional Tips for Anti-Jet Lag by Celebrity Nutritionist Ryan Fernando l Qua Nutrition Clinic

Sometimes I have had clients who complain that they missed following their nutrition plan for a week or 2 in between because of Jet Lag and it’s difficult to get back. Isn’t it displeasing… Firstly Jet Lag puts a person off the circadian rhythm, reduces the oxygen level in the blood, dehydrates the body and many more negative implications along… Read more »