Benefits of adding plums in your diet!

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Benefits of adding plums in your diet!

Benefits of adding plums in your diet!: Plums are delicious fruits that come in a great variety of colors and sizes. They are great for munching during late summer and early autumn, depending on where you live. Dried plums are good for you too. Here are some benefits of eating plum.

1. Prevent cell damage
Just like strawberries, raspberries, cherries, purple grapes, plums are a packed with antioxidants, anthocyanins, that protect the cells from getting damaged and preventing serious diseases including cancer.

  1. Good for heart health Plums are great for heart health. Being high in potassium (one fresh plum contains around 113 mg) helps to stabilize high blood pressure and relieve or prevent heart disease and stroke.
  1. Reduce your cancer risk
    Studies show that plums help to protect against lung cancer and oral cavity cancer. Include some plums into your daily diet to prevent cancer and getting all its benefits.
  2. Keep your eyes healthy
    Like Carrots, plums are soft, tasty and healthy fruits that are fortified with Vitamin A – one of the most important vitamins for healthy eyes and good vision. They also contain zeaxanthin that protects your retina from harmful UV light.

5. Control your blood sugar
Being low glyceminc fruit plums help to control blood sugar and prevent diabetes. However, while eating them, make sure to eat in moderation, especially for people with blood sugar problems or while watching your calorie intakeas plums do contain carbohydrates and sugar.

6. Prevent constipation

6. Prevent constipation
Plums are rich in fibre and help relieve. Add some dried plums to yogurt, granola or oatmeal, or eat them fresh to keep your bowels regular.

 While the above article guides you to eating healthier, there is no substitute for customized professional advice given by a qualified nutritionist. We urge you to speak to your personal dietician or if you need help, contact a nutritionist at Qua Nutrition.

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