Summer Weight Gain: What are its repercussions and How to Avoid It?

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Summer foods are deceptively rich in calories. Most often, due to the heat, people prefer drinking cold beverages to quench the thirst. These beverages are gulped down pretty hard and fast, without realizing that they are laden with calories. Other summer favorites like ice-cream are consumed at a much rapid rate, leading to weight gain.

The problem of weight gain is more profound in children. Summer vacation means that children are free to laze around at home. They are much more prone to eat more, mostly whilst watching television. Therefore, by not getting the required physical exertion to burn off those calories, children end up gaining a lot of weight.

Weight gain is an alarming situation. If not controlled timely and properly, it can lead to being overweight, and even obesity. Both these situations come with a lot of repercussions, like:

Self-Esteem Issues

Human beings crave feedback from the community. A negative comment from others can make a person insecure. And it’s no secret that society frowns upon obesity. Overweight people are ridiculed a lot, due to which they suffer from low self-esteem.  Overweight people are also stigmatized and discriminated against as well, leading to them having self-worth issues as well.

Physical Problems

Obese people are at a higher risk of a lot of physical ailments. They have increased chances of getting diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, type II diabetes, cancer, stroke, fatty liver disease, osteoarthritis etc. Furthermore, fat women have issues with getting pregnant as well.

All the above issues should make one realize the importance of having healthy weight. Being overweight is like opening a door to all sorts of mental and physical dangers. However, certain steps can be taken that can reduce the acceleration of weight gain, especially during summers. Below are some ways to reduce the calorie intake during summers to prevent getting on the path towards obesity:

Watch out for the calories in drinks

It can be tempting to gulp down glasses of cold carbonated drinks, or lemonade etc. when feeling intensely hot. But DON’T! Watch out for the trap that is sweet drinks; a 12 ounce can of cola drink has 39 grams of sugar, which is what doctors recommend should be consumed in an entire day.

Therefore, it is very important to cut down on sugary beverages. Take water instead. Add a touch of mint and lemon to make it more refreshing, if need be. If the urge to have sugary drinks is very strong, at least dilute them. But eventually cut them out!

Chillout on the chill-desserts

Hot summers bring the best excuse for eating ice-cream. The chill of the ice-cream contrasts so well with hot summers. And likewise, for other cold desserts like trifle, tiramisu etc. However, it should be realized consuming such calorie-laden dessert every other day is like screaming for obesity!

Hence, whilst we don’t ask for them to be completely cut out from life, the rate at which they are consumed should be reduced. Take them once a week or so. Try to bring out healthier alternatives; like adding fruits to honey-sweetened yogurt. Chill it out in the freezer and enjoy it as a dessert.

Eat healthy

Summer has so many fruits and vegetables that can be tossed in salads to make a healthy meal. Fried food should be cut down completely. Baking instead, can be a healthier option. Summer cookouts should be altered to account for healthier options.

It is very easy to gain weight, but the important thing is to realize it and make adequate lifestyle changes.  Some cities like Karachi have a longer summer session, thereby increasing the weight gain window. Therefore, people there who are already overweight should get their tests done to rule out lethal diseases like CHD (coronary heart disease), from any credible radiology lab in Karachi. They are already at risk and should, therefore, take measures to remedy the damage. Ultimately, summer weight gain can be damaging, but not permanent. Making tiny adjustments can drastically improve the quality of life.

Exercise regardless

Summer heat can be torturous, making it nearly impossible at times to exercise. However, considering the extent of the problem of obesity, weather should not be a deterrent. Substitute the outdoor activities for indoors. For example, rather than running outside in the park, run on the treadmill. Join a gym if need be, but exercise regardless.

Do not be idle, children

Summer means being on a break from the hectic school routine. Whilst it’s good to relax but being idle throughout days can be bad for you. It increases the inclination towards having little or no physical activity. Days can go by binge-watching television with unhealthy food choices like crisps etc.

It is therefore very important to break the cycle of lazing. Take on the project to keep busy and keep active. Childhood obesity has high chance of translating into adulthood obesity as well, therefore, timely intervention is absolutely necessary.


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