What are the ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month?

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What are the ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month?


A lot of people see others on social media like Instagram Facebook changing themselves from a fatter version of theirs to a fitter version of theirs. They generally get inspired and even they want to try the same but before trying all of this we need to understand what kind of Nutrition, what kind of food approach they have been through to achieve this. It is very important for us to understand what kind of the right exercise and weight loss diet with what kind of the food choices we have to make that suits us for ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month. The customization of the choices is very very important.


A diet plan can help you with:-

  • Managing stress levels & better sleep.
  • Manage mood swings
  • Bring down the symptoms of medical conditions
  • Getting fit,looking slim
  • Improve stamina & endurance

For a diet plan to fail -the main reason could be you consider it as ‘DIET’. Generally, people following a diet start considering that -they are on a diet, that is the moment you are losing the game. We cannot ignore the fact that we all are having crazy schedules, deadlines, targets etc to be met.

Mostly by the end of the month we are drained off, losing all our energy; the focus. People are way ahead of this understanding – what a ‘DIET’ can do & cannot as well. One fine day,when you suddenly do a blood test & come to know that you have screwed up very badly, that’s when you tend to realize the importance of food & you start googling up for a dietitian (the best & the cheap ones probably in the market)

Whenever you have decided in your mind that yes you want to go for a diet plan, healthy eating, losing compounds and looking fit; of course, the first thing which comes into your mind is that within how much time with this whole journey takes me to get into the fitter zone of myself? Of course, that is the confusion in everybody is mine whenever they want to see a nutritionist or a dietitian.

Identify your needs: Before seeing a dietitian you need to first try & understand yourself. You need to identify your body’s needs & requirements. If you have already been in a medical condition, any specific sports-related or pregnancy. You need to find your own areas to work on. You should also go to the dietitian with an understanding of how she will be able to help you. Explain all your points when asked & have an understanding if she will be able to help you achieve your goals. Be it improving your stamina, endurance on-field or it could be burning of belly fat or even fertility nutrition.

ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month

ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month

Understand that just by going to a dietitian or to a nutritionist who really wants to help you from your cell has to be really compliant in following the diet plans and the nutrition plans built for you. You also need to look at your blood reports, genetic reports etc. You also need to understand that the whole process might take a little longer time if you really want to see a difference in yourself. For some people it can be really quick and fast but yes for some people it can also be a little on the slower side and gradually but yes it will take some time. So you need to understand what is the mechanism, the metabolism rather than the scientific approach. The food which you are eating and the modifications that you would be doing.

You also understand that shifting from whatever you are eating; could be very closer to healthy eating or it could be very far away from healthy eating; the modification has to come slowly because all the foods which can help you with your goal cannot be put together in a particular-single diet plan.

So one by one based on your priorities, your goals, your blood reports, and medical conditions the incorporation of changes takes place. If you look at the mechanism of fat metabolism then you would understand that fats once eaten would require at least one hour to properly digest. It is because the molecules of fats are bigger in size and also they have a complex digestion process. It goes through various layers in order to completely get broken down and absorbed in the adipose tissues of the body which are the fat-storing cells.

Now ideally a person on a weekly basis should lose about 500 grams if you are on a weight loss plan. While losing this 500 gram; the question which becomes more important is what exactly are you losing? Are you losing your healthy weight or are you losing your unwanted weight? So what do you mean by the unwanted weight? It is basically the excess fats.

In the process of losing the way you are losing on fats then that’s great but if you are losing out also on the muscles then it’s not good. Recheck with your dietitian what exactly you are losing on. There are some people who lose 500 g per week there are also some people who can lose up to 1 kg 2 kg per week. Depends on what kind of a diet plan you are on now if you opt for a crash diet or a high protein diet and moderate fats and very low carb diet you might see a greater weight loss than on a regular diet plan. But yes how long is that sustainable that is another question.

So the loss of pounds every week depends on various factors. What is your approach to the diet plan, what exactly you are aiming to – if you want to go for a short term weight loss plan then how much you should be losing is quite different from a sustainable weight loss approach.

What are the ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month?

What are the ideal numbers of kgs to lose in a month?

Exercise is another aspect to look at. Now when you talk about exercises you also need to look at what exactly you are eating to make your exercises more effective and durable. While exercising you need to save on some beverages which help in the fat-burning process. After your exercises, you need to have a snack that is rich in protein, moderate carbohydrate, and lesser in fats. You need to make a choice. You need to eat according to your genetic mechanism of what kind of fats really suits you, what this kind of fats does not really suit you. So including all of these will help you on a healthy weight loss approach in the long run.

It also highly depends on the genetic mechanism of the person. There are some people whose metabolism is boosted up while doing some modifications in their overall eating patterns. But yes there are some people who are on the other side; who also has a regaining tendency of their weight. So they really need to be conscious while following a diet plan.

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