What is an Ideal Balanced Diet for Gym Goers?

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Believe it or not, but it is a fact that Nutrition is the important factor for any individual who goes to the gym or aspires to have a great body transformation, whether we try to lose fat or gain weight. Calories and the types of food we eat are the most vital component of bodybuilding. We, at QuaNutrition, have designed both weight loss and weight gain customized Ideal Balanced Diet for Gym Goers.

QuaNutrition - What is an Ideal Balanced Diet For Gymers_

QuaNutrition – What is an Ideal Balanced Diet For Gymers.

First of all, Carbohydrate, When you are trying to cut down the fat, you need to limit your carbohydrate. They provide energy but also retain water within your system. However, when you’re bulking up, you need to add carbohydrate in almost every meal. Carbohydrate helps you pack on mass and gives you energy in the gym to lift the heavyweights. Another good source would be to add brown rice.

Next thing essential for gym goers is fruits. Fruits are a really significant element in diet whether you are cutting or bulking up. Obviously, when you are bulking, you need to have them a lot more but in case you are trying to cut down to have it less because of the sugar. In fruits, you can have bananas for potassium, oranges provide Vitamins, Kiwis as well for the Vitamins or strawberries either frozen or fresh. All these fruits are high in fibers.

Another highly recommended component is Protein. Protein intake is essential in your diet. Protein from the egg white or the whole egg. Eggs being the easiest source of protein and are versatile to be used in lots of ways.

Last but not least is the adding healthy fat in the diet. Healthy fats such as olive oil, almond, nuts in general. Dairy products in the diet are equally important, naturally occurring Glutamine in the yogurt really helps in the muscle retention. Cottage cheese can also be included in the diet at times as they digest slowly but it must be taken before bed.

For every gym goer, the post and the pre-workout meals are the driving factors. However, these meals may not have a standard chart and may differ from person to person. The best nutritionist can help you assess your body metabolism and accordingly plan your workout meals and  provide Ideal Balanced Diet for Gym Goers

After the Ideal Balanced Diet for Gym goers, let’s throw some light on the common hoax/mistake when you start hitting the gym.

Suppose you breaking your sweat with all dedication and discipline, you head home and you dig in the leftover pizza slice. All that grinding for hours in the gym is pointless at that very instant.

The second gravest mistake that gym goers commit is to look out to trainers for their diet. We are going to explain:

  • Why personal trainers, health coaches, can’t when it comes to nutrition.
  • Why it’s important to consult a nutritionist in the first place rather than going to your trainer or self-help.

A nutritionist helps you in achieving your body goals while taking care of your pre and post work out nutrition. Let training be the focus area of your trainer and not a diet. You don’t get your wifi fixed by a plumber; same is the rule with your body.

Lastly, self-dieting without consulting a dietician can be very dangerous. Everybody has got different health parameters, genes, nutrient composition, without the knowledge of which one often tends to follow some Google diet chart and ends up starving themselves. Starvation diets cause a high loss in muscle mass and water weight from dehydration.

It must be kept in mind that a gym goer eating plan is way different than an average lay mans, One should never compromise with its diet and only rely on expert nutritionist and dietician.

A good nutrition would never suggest you straight away a ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting diet. You must have the risk of having an adverse effect on your body. At the very initial stage, They study your body mechanism and metabolism, and then proceed to a specific diet chart, like meals frequency, portion, snacks, pre and post workout meal etc.

We at QuaNutrition gets the body assessment done to have a complete understanding of the muscle & fat percentage, body age, a body mass index.

To get the more accurate result we have designed Gene test, on the basis on which we develop an entirely customized diet plan for the individual thriving for desired results in the body.

The diet charts are aligned with your culture, eating habits, workout routines keeping in balance with the calorie load, your CPF intake i.e. Carb, Protein & Fibers with the correct Healthclubfinder.

Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that to achieve your body goals, IT IS  70% DIET and 30% TRAINING. Unfortunately, the majority fails to understand this fact and does the contrary.

 With the award-winning celebrity nutritionist and one of the best dietitian in Delhi, Mr. Ryan Fernando as our head nutrition coach, we are a team of 60+ dieticians and 9 clinics across all the major cities of the country.

Visit our official website QuaNutrition or social media page, see it by yourself how lives have been changed through Eating right and nutrition with us.

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