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It is very evident that those who are fitness freak and go to the gym regularly and sweat heavily for long hours of the day need a balance diet after a heavy workout to recharge their body.  Draining a huge amount of minerals from the body and workouts for toning of the muscles obviously leads to fatigue and tiredness and needs rejuvenation instantly.  There are certainly things one must need to take after a workout in order to balance the deficiency caused.  Hereby we look at 18 best post workout foods that will work wonders to your body.


Oats consists of beneficial complex carbohydrates that instantly rejuvenates the body and taken as smoothie.  It contains antioxidants, vitamin E and phytonutrients that are great in providing energy to the body. You can get great discount on fruits and vegetable online using big basket offers.

Leafy greens

Greens like spinach, radish, and lettuce provide a huge amount of dietary fibers to our body including vitamin C, A, E and K protecting from diseases acting as a protective shield.

Different fruits

Different types of fruits like watermelon, apple, pears, and plums and different other fruits increases the energy level from within boosting the body supplying more oxygen.  Banana is another fruit to consider.


Ouinoa contains many vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and etc helping in digestion also.  It contains protein-packed carbohydrate that works great as a post-workout meal and instantly provides energy and rejuvenates.


Rice provided the quick boost that is required for those who are looking for post workout foods to recharge their body as well as their mind.  It helps in restocking our muscles and cells.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato is another of the finest product that can be kept in choice of post workout foods.  It contains low calories and provides instant energy to the body as well.


Eggs are considered to be another best food that must be included in this list.  Loaded with protein and other nutrients it provides instant energy to the body revitalizing from within.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is a dairy product packed with protein that helps increase the satiety levels.  It helps our muscles to recover from different wear and tear very quickly.


Tuna comprises of protein and healthy fats, rich source of omega-3 and fatty acids.  It decreases toxicity from our body and improves the vital strength and works great as a post workout food.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt contains protein more than that of the regular yogurt.  It helps improve our vital energy.  We can easily add it to our daily smoothies with some fruits.


Chicken is considered to be one of the finest sources of protein when it comes to choosing the best post workout foods.  We can obviously add some quality veggies like Avocado, herbs, olive oil


Mushrooms contain low calories along with proteins.  On consuming mushroom it provides immense energy to the body boosting up the level instantly, thus considered as one of the primary post workout food.


Tofu is called as one of the best vegetarian protein.  Due to this reason consuming tofu in salad, wrap and sandwich provides good result and provides immense strength to vitalize the body after workout.

Protein powder

Many prefer to take protein powder when returning from gym especially as it gives immense strength and power to the body after hard toiling.  The powder contains all the ingredients that rejuvenate the body. You can apply for Dietician Jobs online to know about this field.


These health boosters have no comparison providing a great source of healthy fats, dietary fiber, vitamins, protein and minerals as well.  After workout it can be taken with smoothies and shakes easily.


This high calorie food is loaded with rich ingredients that are a must after every workout session.  Comprising of number of vitamins it reduces the risk of different diseases encouraging healthy living.


Ghee is a healthy food that can and must be taken by those who especially goes to the gym regularly as it helps flushing the toxins from our body and keep your body rejuvenated.


Regular intake of butter keeps different types of diseases away and provides our body with rich nutrients and other beneficial compounds as well.  But intake of butter must always be maintained to a certain extend and over-eating can cause concerns.

For most appropriate diet chart and outcome one must consult a doctor and take proper suggestions.

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